Jennic Wireless Microcontrollers

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JN-UG-3028 Code::Blocks IDE

This User Guide is designed to help you use the Code::Blocks IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop applications for devices in the Jennic wireless microcontroller family. A brief overview of how to use the Code::Blocks IDE is given, detailing how to use the IDE to open and build example applications supplied by Jennic. Details on how to create and build your own Code::Blocks projects, and how to download your executable code to the Flash memory of the Jennic wireless microcontroller are also covered in this document

Caution: This User Guide refers to the Jennic version of Code::Blocks, available in the SDK-with-IDE installation package (JN-SW-4026), and should not be used in conjunction with any other version of Code::Blocks.


1.7 5th Dec '08 Added procedure for building custom libraries in Code::Blocks