Jennic Wireless Microcontrollers

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JN-RD-6023 IEEE802.15.4 USB Dongle



The IEEE 802.15.4 USB Dongle provides an easy way of interfacing a host machine (such as a PC) to a wireless network based on the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol standard, where this network may additionally employ the ZigBee PRO or JenNet networking protocol. The dongle incorporates the Jennic JN5148 wireless microcontroller, allowing a direct USB connection between the host machine and the JN5148 device, which then provides the radio interface to the wireless network. Typical uses of the dongle include:

  • A complete and stable hardware environment for the development of IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee PRO and Jenie/JenNet applications, facilitating an accelerated time-to-market for wireless network products
  • The basis of a packet sniffer for IEEE 802.15.4-based wireless communications
  • A means of integrating the host machine into a wireless network, typically as the network Co-ordinator


The small-footprint PCB of the dongle provides all the necessary components for a wireless microcontroller with access to a USB connection. All RF layout and decoupling issues are handled by the design of this dongle. Therefore, this design is ready for application development without the necessity of hardware development.


1.2 27th Jan '12 PCB changes, Surface mount LED, PCB Antenna